What readers are saying

I loved it! Informal, humorous, honest, in-depth, great anecdotes, solid references, excellent advice. The best map you can have in a complex world of startup financing.

Dan Mapes

Founder of Verses.io and The Spatial Web Foundation

This insightful read captures the spirit, humor and focused energy I’ve come to expect and enjoy from the author over the years. Entrepreneurship can be bloody and brutal. But not when you navigate the terrain with sage advice like this! 

Colin Mangham

Founder of Biomimicry LA and Daily Brands

Highly entertaining and simply remarkable. Get ready for an intellectual morass of private equity.

David Josephson

Vice President at GBC International Bank

What readers are saying

The book is timely, well researched and well presented. 

Arthur Lipper

World-renowned financier, Author, Inventor

"Raise and Rise" is JUST WONDERFUL! So brilliant and well researched and so well written! I love the conversational tone and the humor. I learned so much, and I say "more poetry in business books!"

Elizabeth Parella

Global Content & Communications Manager, AFEX

A must read for everyone interested in learning how to make a positive impact with their entrepreneurial skills and aspirations, how modern finance works, and how to effectively deal with the world of venture financing.

Vlad Vaiman, PhD

Associate Dean, Professor, California Lutheran University, School of Management

What readers are saying

There’s a lot of personality – which is terrific and rare in a business book. What’s more, it offers insight and great advice. Great job!

Charlie Crumpley

Former editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal, publisher of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

What a terrific, important book!  There is a great amount of advice and thorough research with numerous footnotes, digital links and personal anecdotes.  A must-read for anyone interested in funding and successfully developing their favorite project.

Donald Haber

Retired Executive Director & COO of British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles

There’s a lot of personality – which is terrific and rare in a business book. What’s more, it offers insight and great advice. Great job!

Charlie Crumpley

Former editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal, publisher of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

About the Author

Victoria Silchenko

Victoria Silchenko, Ph.D. is one of the leading alternative funding experts in the United States, an economist turned entrepreneur and adviser, known for being at the forefront of next-generation impact-driven venture financing models in the new digital era. She has authored numerous articles for the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and CrowdfundInsider, among other industry media, and been invited to the White House as a “crowdfunding champion.” As a prominent international speaker, Dr. Silchenko’s lecture tours have taken her to countries such as Brazil, Zambia, Kyrgyzstan, and India as well as to her homeland of Russia where she grew up in the first-generation there embracing capitalism as a new economic dogma. She is the founder of the consulting boutique Metropole Capital Group and the World Funding Summit, both based in Los Angeles, and serves as a visiting professor at the California Lutheran University (CLU) School of Management where she teaches Entrepreneurial Finance for MBA students. Dr. Silchenko has served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA) and is currently on the Advisory Board of The California Stock Exchange. Before heading down the entrepreneurial path, she worked with Dr. Arthur Laffer (the “father” of supply-side economics) and at the Milken Institute, a non-profit led by Michael Milken (the inventor of high-yield bonds).

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  • 326 pages


Let's get started

Numerous questions tackled

Rise above

Chapter 1: To a Mindful Entrepreneur Looking for Capital

Life is a pitch 

Funding sources for all 

It’s getting digital here 

This is how we do it 

For digital population – digital currency 

A network effect is the most valuable property 

All change Startups are prone to copycats 

Consumerism is now global Always be raising 

Chapter 2: How Modern Finance Really Works

Warming up 

A recap for the curious entrepreneur 

A harbinger of the 2020 financial crisis

Chapter 3: Decoding Venture Capital

How it all began 

Risk-takers or…takers 

The art of startup valuations in the intangible world

An unpopular history of Silicon Valley’s rise 

Who ARE you people? 

Venture capital is not bad, but it is dangerous

Who backs venture capital funds? 

What VCs really want 

Troubled asset class 

Gigantic VCs – are they good? 

What is in it for you

The secret life of corporate venture capital (CVC) 

Sex and venture capital 

Women entrepreneurs, unite! 

The Curious Case of Softbank Vision Fund 

The curious case of Uber 

The curious case of ShoeDazzle 

Chapter 4: In Crowdfunding We Trust

The Basics 

Rewards-based crowdfunding 

Should I choose Kickstarter or Indiegogo? 

Are there any other rewards-based crowdfunding platforms to consider, besides

Kickstarter and Indiegogo? 

How to make it through the noise 

Delivering on time, on price, and on quality Intellectual property traps in crowdfunding 

Debt-based crowdfunding 

Royalty-based crowdfunding 

Equity-based crowdfunding 

Early exits and the secondary market for startups 

The curious case of Elio Motors 

The curious case of Spotify 

Chapter 5: Venture Financing Via Royalties

An overlooked option 

What do angel investors say? 

Royalty-based financiers 

How about royalty financing for startups? 

Cases to get inspired by 

Chapter 6: Blockchain-based Crowdfunding as a New Path to Funds for Modern Startups

What on Earth are Initial Coin Offerings? 

What are the most ICO-friendly jurisdictions? 

A love–hate relationship What to be concerned about with ICO Top ICO stories 

If it is so good in practice, how is it in theory? 

Understanding the blockchain-based crowdfunding 

An existential dilemma: security or utility 

Utility tokens ICOs, platform economy, and network effects VCs are dead. Long live VCs. 

The SEC and its role in the ICO markets ICOs are here to stay in some shape or form 

Chapter 7: Detour to Modern Money Creation

The magic of banking institutions 

What is money? 

Currency acting like money 

The risky business of risky capital 

The new old finance 

The age of perfect capitalism or how to become a billionaire

Recap to a Fellow Entrepreneur

Capital moves to where the returns are the highest 

Fundraising is not your business strategy 

All that you are seeking is also seeking you 

Public-Private partnerships for Elon Musk and you 

How to be a startup investor without an accredited status 

Living with a Purpose 

Postscript: Financial Viruses and What's Next

The Show Must Go On Life, interrupted. 

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About the Author

Sources And Remarks

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funds in the digital economy? Raise and Rise offers a goldmine of in-depth knowledge about capital sources and tools for a modern startup featuring venture capital, crowdfunding (including blockchain-based), royalty financing, family offices and angel investors.

Knitting together a vivid conversation with solid data, anecdotes, links, fun analysis and curious cases (Uber, Elio Motors, Spotify, and more), Dr. Victoria Silchenko goes beyond conventional narratives and unapologetically reveals the facts that might change your perspective on the best sources of startup financing. Her book takes you on a deep dive into the murky world of funding tools including those built on blockchain technology while providing a fundamental perspective about the digital economy along with a clear explanation of how modern finance works and how money is created.

In an era when finding funding is the most important skill of all, this book asks and then answers big questions like these:Why is obtaining funds for a startup so difficult when there is an abundance of finance available?Why has Silicon Valley become the world’s most powerful startup hub? How venture capitalists make investment choices, and do I stand a chance? What type of crowdfunding would make the most sense for my venture? How do I raise funds if I don’t want to give up my equity? Can I get funds via issuing my own cryptocurrency? Why do you need to build a platform to make it big? How do I make the most sizable impact with my venture?

If you are puzzled about any of the above questions, you are in good hands. Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Silchenko is an economist-turned entrepreneur-turned educator who knows the entrepreneurial start-up struggle first-hand. The field of entrepreneurial venture financing in particular has been her research focus for almost two decades.

Besides providing raw insights and solid advice about which capital sources might work best based on your particular story, the author makes a compelling case about why raising funding has turned out to be key and why obtaining funding for a startup keeps being remarkably difficult despite an abundance of finance available in the marketplace. The book is as helpful as it is unsettling, making you pause and reflect about the current financial system, who we like to worship, and the importance of building socially-impactful ventures, stressing that acquiring capital is not the purpose of a startup, just as breathing oxygen is not the purpose of human life.

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